The Sanctuary could not be what it is, without its friends. In fact, it could not exist without its friends. Over time, this warm and nourishing circle has widened, and deepened. This page is devoted to them. However, it is not a roster of everyone.

For now we begin with some friends who already have an online presence. This page will grow!

Staff and students at Centre for Learning, a school we have known and worked with for 20 years. Our residential educational programs are what they are because of long standing commitment and collaborative work done together with CFL

KJ Baby and Shirly Joseph, fellow residents of Wayanad. Baby is author and playright, his best known titles include Nadugadhika and Maveli Mantam. His books are taught in schools all over Kerala. Baby and Shirly founded Kanavu, a school and community with adivasi children. Kanavu is now run by the youngsters who grew up there.

Our friends at Vattakanal Conservation Trust and their restoration work in the Palni Hills

Our friends at Forest Way Trust and their transformative work on Arunachala mountain, and their new Maradam Farm School

Late Dr. Mayilvahnan, dentist and wildlife photographer, worked with Abhishek Jain, and Suma on a forthcoming orchid book.

Pradip Krishen, author of Trees of Delhi, designer of Rao Jodha Park, host of the Satpura section of the Landascapes and Lifeskills Course.

An article about PK Uthaman, well known conservationist, activist and photographer from Kerala. His articles in Malayalam magazines cover a wide range of environmental issues. He authored the text for the interpretive signs at the Sanctuary.

Dr. Satish Kumar, orchid biologist at TBGRI, collaborator and counsel for 30 years in all matters taxonomic!

Prof. Madhusoodanan, pteridophyte specialist at Calicut University, collaborator and counsel in all matters pteridophytic!

Shyamal Lakshminarayan, naturalist and Wikipedia editor, and co facilitator of our educational programs.

Rainforest Retreat, run by Maya Goel, Sujata Lakhani and Anurag Goel

Vasanth Godwin Bosco, former Sanctuary student, now working in the upper Nilgiris on landscape level restoration.

Diba Siddiqi, educator, artist and photographer, whose support is visible and felt in every aspect of the Sanctuary. Diba painted the signs for the visitors walk at the Sanctuary.

N. Venu, Trustee of Munnarakkunnu Trust, co-founder of CFL and now on the board of APU.

Arundhati Roy, writer and activist, author of The God of Small Things, and several compilatory works such as The Algebra of Infinite Justice; Listening to Grasshoppers.

KT Tunstall, singer and songwriter, whose keen interest in the natural world is an inspiration. Not only did KT sing in our water tower, she also hosted a fund raising gig for the Sanctuary at the Tabernacle in London!

Rohini Nilekani, founder of Arghyam, a charitable trust devoted to water and sanitation, and the first to support our corpus fund.

Michael Bahn; ecologist and climate scientist, friend, counsel and referee for the Sanctuary.

Theun, Cocky, Maryan, Mans, Edith, Agna and Maria at Shibumi Friends International who raise funds and interest in the work of the Sanctuary, and related actions for a living planet.

Stefi Barna and Lorenzo Castellari, collaborators in the School in the Forest programmes and the Landscapes & Lifeskills Course. Family, mentors, and vital support.

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